Millionaire Dating Sites

Millionaire Dating Sites


How to marry a millionaire? Nowadays, this thought appears in the pretty heads of many girls. That is not surprising. There are so many tempting things around! Luxury cars of millionaires go along the streets one after another, expensive salons and boutiques are lined up along the sidewalks interspersed with fashionable restaurants... And on the TV screen, every now and then, a well-groomed beauty bedecked with stunning jewelry defiles in a chic fur coat. And young girls want not only to watch it from the sidelines, they are also eager to date a millionaire and get a ticket into a happy life.   


Well, nothing is impossible. Practice shows that millionaire dating is a reality. Wealthy people often lose faith in sincerity, and if you can give love and care to your partner, you can be sure that your dream of marrying a millionaire will soon come true! What does it take? 

How to meet a millionaire - essential tip 

If you think that dating rich men is possible on the street, at a disco or in a park, you are wrong. There are a lot of wealthy men at auctions, various charity events, in closed clubs, at parties for high society, in communities of collectors, at elite resorts, at congresses or conferences. But it's not easy for a simple girl to get there.


The surest way for those who want to meet a millionaire is online dating. Other possibilities are unlikely to be successful, for rich people are used to arranging their affairs with the help of professionals, including their personal life.

Wealthy men dating sites - find your millionaire online!


Millionaire Match 


This online resource managed to win the garland in the field of rich men dating. You can find profiles of the most presentable men and women here who were lucky enough to earn a perfectly good capital and achieve a great deal. At Millionaire Match, there are businessmen, top models, and even Hollywood "celestials" for dating. If you have a free membership, you can create your profile and indicate parameters of the millionaire you want to find. With the Standard status, you can send a wink to a person you like, as well as respond to a message from a user with the Gold status.  




This millionaire dating resource has rich functionality for meeting wealthy men online, including private correspondence, phone notifications and well-organized searching mechanism. There are more than ten million users here - a lot of choice for dating! Registration is free, as well as viewing profiles of single millionaires and their photos. You can't send messages if you have a free membership, but you can use an emoticon to signal your liking. After making a payment the user may start a conversation (as a prelude for dating), pass interesting tests and read informative articles in blogs.


Date A Millionaire


This dating platform is a rapidly developing online agency for people who hope to meet a millionaire. In order to register a profile here, no investments are required from the user. Once registered, you can review the profiles of rich candidates for dating and express your interest using virtual winks. If you want to communicate with millionaires on thematic platforms and send any number of messages to your online interlocutors, you will have to update your status to the Premium level.


Seeking Millionaire


Do you want to have access to the maximum number of features that may guarantee you dating a wealthy person? In that case, you should take a look at Seeking Millionaire, which is currently better known by the brand name Seeking Arrangement. This service has an interesting feature, that is, every man who can confirm that the amount of his net worth is not less than $1,000,000, receives a Seeking Millionaire brand badge. 


A mail order bride who is looking for a millionaire for dating and using a basic account can send messages to her object of sympathy, provided that there is at least one uploaded photo in her profile. The Premium account would increase her chances of successful dating allowing her to use an advanced search mechanism and clearly highlight her profile in orange.


Elite Mingle


Despite the fact that this website is new to the world of online dating, it has already become popular among those who are looking for a rich life partner on the Internet. Unlike many other millionaire dating sites, this platform is completely free. If you decide to register an account on the site, the administration will not require any data about your level of income. According to the philosophy of the owners of this Internet platform, wealth does not mean belonging to the elite. Distinctive elite qualities are self-discipline, education, ambition, etc.


Thanks to the well-thought-out functionality of this rich men dating site, users can view profiles of other participants and enter into free online correspondence with them. However, keep in mind that only residents of the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada can register here.


How to succeed in finding a millionaire?


Practice shows that millionaires are not always looking for a model-thin girl for dating. Most of them are even annoyed at the sight of the notorious selfie in an open bra, with too thick eyebrows and duck lips. They believe these girls are not quite uninteresting to have a relationship with. However, if the same girl presents herself in a photo in a completely different way, then the reaction of a millionaire would be different.


The best option is a combination of professional photos with high-quality images from your smartphone. It may be a stable foundation for the future dating. Here are some recommended types of pictures that can motivate a millionaire for dating:


  • Outdoors: a park, a beach, a blooming field, picturesque slopes, the background of mountains. This is always a safe choice which a millionaire would like better than any fake studio photos. Besides, natural light makes a woman look younger and contributes to a completely innocent look.

  • At a restaurant table. It’s a real must if you’re looking for a millionaire for dating This photo must be light and bright. Make sure that your clothing and makeup are feminine, but not too fancy - millionaires don’t like things like that. There must be an elegant salad or fruit in your plate. If you search for an upper-cruster for dating, a glass of white wine is preferable to strong drinks on that photo.

  • In the comfort of your home. But for heaven’s sake, never choose a bed for making a photo if you’re looking for a millionaire! If you expect financial inducement from a man and show yourself in bed, then how can you call it? If you want to become a long-term dating companion for your millionaire, create a romantic image. You will look more advantageous in a half-open bathrobe on the balcony with a cup of tea in your hands, in a bright home kimono in the living room by the fireplace or near the wall clock, in a white open dress in the kitchen with lasagna in your hands and a wide smile on your face. Become a cheerful girl for your millionaire at all costs! Even if your current budget or household furnishing are far from this image, it’s worth making an effort for the sake of future offline dating. Borrow the necessary accessories somewhere, take a picture in a country house of your friends, find other solutions. You should not look cheap if you want to find a millionaire for dating. A rich man who is purposefully looking for a simple Cinderella, in most cases, is inclined to mansplain both morally and physically.

  • Large bouquets of flowers is another harmful stereotype that may prevent dating a millionaire. These photos are more suitable for Facebook, where you have a lot of envious friends, but not for the best dating apps. The illusion must be maintained that your millionaire is the first to win over your heart. At the very beginning of dating, it's too early to play on jealousy. However, when you take photos against the background of flowering bushes or in your own garden, it’s another pair of shoes. Put on a beautiful dress with a floral print and take a flower in your hand. It’s not a boring classic, in fact, millionaires will never cease being delighted by dating a girl with calm and slightly naive femininity.


Although men (and millionaires as well) are visuals and images can be used to achieve a strong psychological impact on them, great photos are not all you need for successful dating. The text content of your profile is also very important. A millionaire who is looking for something more than an adventure for one night will certainly pay special attention to the text.


You can follow any strategy when describing yourself and your expectations. Indicate your real hobbies, but beware of expressing very clear financial requirements. Don't do this if you don’t want to lose a chance of meeting a millionaire!


The softer your text sounds, the more likely a millionaire’s instincts will make him decide on you. For example, if you specify something like “I’m looking for a rich man to take care of me”, it will seem a bit childish. "I’ll always respect the choice of my partner and I’ll pamper him with pleasant surprises" sounds much better than "It is very important for me that a man is not an idler". Leave revelations and complaints for your friends, and not for a millionaire. If your potential dating partner prefers self-confident women, he will let you know about it.

How to behave when dating a millionaire? 


After so much efforts to select photos, fill out a profile and keep up a millionaire’s interest when dating online, it would be a shame to disappoint him on the first date in real life. What is important for a millionaire when he takes you to a restaurant for the first time?


  1. Dress with discretion. You don't need to wear too expensive clothes when dating a millionaire, but you shouldn't put on second-hand things either. If there is no good brand clothing, borrow it from a friend. Few millionaires like to engage in charity work dating with a loser. Your Louboutin shoes have to completely take away a feeling of pity and arouse a healthy sexual desire. Before choosing the length of the heel, make sure that the millionaire you’re dating is not shorter than you are. 

  2. Forget about the complicated details of etiquette, you are not at a job interview in this millionaire’s office. Just be polite and natural when dating him. Show your knowledge of the dishes on the menu and their ingredients, and mention that some of them you like to cook yourself. A millionaire you’re dating will certainly be glad to hear it. 

  3. Listen more than talk. There is no head more overloaded with information than the head of a millionaire. In most cases, all he needs is a massage of the temples and other relaxation areas instead of talking. However, dating a millionaire for the first time, you’ll have to talk. So come up with easy questions in advance and try to relax him with your warm attention and willingness to listen. Smart comments are not really required, a millionaire can get them from his colleagues and partners, he doesn’t seek such help from you. Just listen to him with a soft smile. And do not disparage the waiter for a couple of hours with your order! When dating a millionaire, you have to fix on your partner fully. 

  4. Acting is very important. It's no secret that some millionaires like to discuss unusual topics or show their machismo when dating a girl for the first time. Keep a calm and benevolent face for as long as possible. If your chosen millionaire turns out to be a kind of a boor, and no benefit will keep you near him, it is better to stop dating with the best wishes than to give out your negative emotions. Perhaps he just had a very bad day and after you leave, he will try to compensate for moral damage with his courtship. If you throw something in his face or speak out from the heart, you can forget about this millionaire forever.

  5. Your autobiography should be brief. No matter how trusting a wealthy man may make you feel, never complain too much about your difficult childhood or an ex-husband or a boyfriend when dating him. Tell your millionaire where you grew up, who your parents are and what countries you already visited. If you need it, you may embellish your story a bit. For the first period of dating, such neutral facts are enough. But let him talk as much as he wants. Thus, you will have more issues to analyze at your leisure after dating. 

  6. Be on his side. It is at this point that a millionaire makes his decision whether to choose you for a longer period of dating or not. No matter what he talks about, be it breaking up with an ex or a conflict with a business partner, side with him in everything. "Me too" and "I agree" should be your main phrases when dating a millionaire. If you are actually on the side of another participant of the story, you’ll still have the opportunity to say about it, but not in the first weeks of dating. You just have to become a safe haven for this man and his support.

  7. Don't go too far too fast when dating a millionaire. You may have already heard/read this phrase before, and it’s still so. Rich men have no shortage of sex. They have an acute lack of a positive and supportive companion for all occasions. Sex is also included in this list, but a millionaire will appreciate you even more if this does not happen on the first date. Let him rather seek communication from you. Do you remember the story of Shakhriyar and Shahrazad? For this, he is ready to maintain dating, pay and endow you with gifts. However, you should get ready to be the best in sex too, for this is an important bonus.


Master all these skills and you’ll win the heart of a foreign millionaire. So you can become a real sugar baby for dating. Being a sugar baby is a vocation, and sometimes it's hard work. It’s not about playing a capricious spoiled girl when dating a rich man, it won’t work. Perhaps, a millionaire you’ve found has a teenage daughter and is tired of her whims already.


Remember the main thing - your role is to please your man, inspire him, make him feel relaxed, as well as support and admire him (not only during a dating period). Be delighted at his gifts and financial support like a child, give him twice and thrice your beauty and attention. A millionaire will be flattered then and will not want to change his "baby" for another one who would be more grateful. Yes, rich men often marry their girls after dating. This is how a two-minute registration on a dating site may lead to the most fabulous consequences.

Living with a millionaire - main benefits   


The main advantage of dating a millionaire on the Internet is prosperity in the future. Yes, prosperity and inexhaustible funds, checks, credit cards give a lot of opportunities to fulfil your desires. Jewelry and accessories, expensive dresses, cars, a wonderful decorative Lowchen dog, the world's best spa resorts, etc. - everything is at your feet, you just need to want it.


Another significant advantage is that a woman who has found her millionaire acquires an opportunity for her self-development and improvement. Courses of English language, social etiquette, dances, gym classes and spa visits are all part of the life of a millionaire's wife: she must be well-groomed, educated and have a trim figure. A man of this rank should be proud of his lady and not be ashamed of her. Therefore, he won’t limit the woman's cost sheet for all these purposes. 




Most wealthy men are self-made people. They know what it means to belong to the middle class, because that's where they've worked for the most part of their lives. Such a man wants to find a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants to achieve. Your task is to become just such a lady - and a happy life is waiting for you!